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Project Description
This is a backup tool that uses hard link to save space when creating a snapshot.

When creating a backup, all of the sources are copied to a separate directory in the destination folder. In order not to store duplicated files, the tool uses hard links to save disk space (only modified files are copied, the unmodified ones are linked).
  • Each backup contains the full directory structure of the sources, so it can easily be browsed, edited, copied any time
  • Each backup is a snapshot of the sources (only modified files are copied)
  • Backups are extremely cheap (because of the hard links), consequently one can backup every day or more often
  • Since we use hard links, the user can delete safely any previous backups (directories)
  • File comparison is based on size, modification date and/or SHA-512 checksum
  • Has a command line interface for scheduled backups
  • Has (will have) a WPF interface for Windows 7
  • Has (will have) a WPF/Metro interface for Windows 8 / RT
  • Has (will have) a Linux port if needed

The project is in early stage, the binaries are unstable
The code doesn't delete any files or directories, you can play with this code, create a backup, but you might meet exceptions during the backup process.

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